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Leadership Beyond Polarities

Karin Jironet

Aired: Thursday, 30 April 2020 | 13:00 - 14:00 EDT

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The global developments to which we are currently bearing witness and enduring require new thinking about leading and leadership. No longer can we simply adjust a position to the particular requirements of a specific organization at any given time. The challenge for leaders today is, in a sense what it has always been, to see the bigger picture and act in the interests of the whole rather than out of selfish or individual motives. We must have the courage to look away from our screens to understand wholeness, interconnectedness, and the relationships between personal development and collective evolution. But how?

As we all isolate together to have a collective impact, this webinar will offer hope though through a multidisciplinary exploration that brings together psychology, theology, mysticism, business, leadership, and the humanities. Focusing on The Divine Comedy and Dante's seven sins and virtues in Purgatory, Karin Jironet will offer a process of personal transformation grounded in Jungian psychology, spirituality, and interviews with successful leaders. Further explored in her recent book, Feminine Leadership: Personal Development Beyond Polarities (Routledge 2020), this webinar will present a pioneering and refreshed vision of balanced leadership and a simple process to help us become the people and leaders that our hearts and souls require.

Speaker Biography

Karin JironetKarin Jironet is a theologian and Jungian psychoanalyst focused on executive leadership development. Her orientation is towards spirituality in leadership, within corporate/organizational settings as well as personal. She travels and works with groups and individuals around the world and in her private practices in the Netherlands and in Italy. She is an internationally published author of several peer-reviewed articles and nine books, including Feminine Leadership: Personal Development Beyond Polarities (Routledge, 2020). Karin was an author and co-editor of two ILA Building Leadership Bridges volumes, Creative Social Change: Leadership for a Healthy World (Emerald, 2016) and Leading with Spirit, Presence, & Authenticity (Jossey-Bass, 2014). Female Leadership: Management, Jungian Psychology, Spirituality and the Global Journey Through Purgatory (Routledge, 2012), was nominated for the Gradiva best book of the year award. Her academic grounding is in linguistics and ethnology (M.A.) as well as speech pathology (BMSc) at Lund University, Sweden, and she earned her Ph.D. in Theology, Psychology of Religion, at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.