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Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins

Leadership Education Online?!?! Strategies and Tips to Ease the Transition
Aired: 24 March 2020

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Have you been asked to teach your leadership or management course online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Already teaching online but looking for some new teaching strategies, learning activities, or resources to enhance your practice? This webinar is for you! During this one-hour webinar Dan will provide instructional strategies and learning activities you can implement right away in your online leadership course. [Read more]

Ethical Business Leadership Book Cover
Joanne Ciulla and Tobey Scharding

Ethical Business Leadership in Troubling Times
Aired: 12 March 2020

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Do the responsibilities of business change when there are social problems or problems with other institutions? Immigration, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the emergence of populism and nationalism on both sides of the Atlantic have raised some ethical challenges for business leaders. Based on a book by the same name that includes chapters by top business ethics scholars in North America and Europe, this webinar will tackle several aspects of these questions as they relate to business and politics, the environmental responsibilities of business, the social and political impact of technology, immigration, the impact of social turmoil on organizational leadership, and broader questions of CSR (corporate social responsibility), leadership, and governance in times of social turmoil. [Read more]

Matt QuinAllison M. Konrad
Matt Quin and Alison M. Konrad

Addressing Gaps in the Case Method: Women in Cases and the Business School Classroom
Aired: 25 February 2020

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For decades, business and organizational case studies have been an integral part of management education programs worldwide. Unfortunately, the representation of women in cases has not kept pace with the increased participation of women in management education. In this webinar, we'll discuss recent research that has examined the representation of women in cases. [Read more]

Deep Learning in a Disorienting World Book Cover
Jon Wergin

Deep Learning in a Disorienting World
Aired: 29 January 2020

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Much has been written about the escalating intolerance of worldviews other than one's own. Reasoned arguments based on facts and data seem to have little impact in our increasingly post-truth culture dominated by social media, fake news, tribalism, and identity politics. Recent advances in the study of human cognition, however, offer insights on how to counter these troubling social trends. In this webinar, psychologist Jon Wergin will share recent research in learning theory, social psychology, politics, and the arts to show how a deep learning mindset can be developed in both oneself and others. [Read more]

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