Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity (BLB 2014)

Editors: Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, John Eric Baugher, Karin Jironet, and Lena Lid-Falkman (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2014)

Praise for Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity

"This is a marvelously rich book. I commend it highly." — Ian I. Mitroff, professor emeritus, University of Southern California

"This book is a timely reminder that leadership takes courage to remain in the present moment, to accept the ambiguity and uncertainty that is often part of the present, and to be willing to ask probing questions to start the conversation. I come away with the certainty that I need to read it again and again to appreciate the new way of thinking that the thought-provoking questions found in the chapters have stirred up within." — Dawn Brown, head of Perception Shift, international speaker, author, and psychotherapist

"Professor Goldman Schuyler has the unique talent of being able to combine the best of social science with profound humanitarian insights, as well as psychological perspectives and a good heart. The readers of her book will be better for it, on more levels than they will at first realize." — Amitai Etzioni, author of My Brother's Keeper

"This is by no means a standard leadership book. Rather, it emphasizes the possibilities of higher purpose in leadership. It focuses on spiritual practice, awareness, mindfulness, and ways to develop in these, in multiple types of leadership settings and from multiple religious traditions. It illustrates the value of such development for leadership action aimed at creating a better world. It will be very inspirational for aspiring leaders and current leaders alike." — Jean M. Bartunek, professor, Management and Organization Department, Boston College

Table of Contents

vii The Contributors  
xiii Introduction: Of Leadership and Light Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
1 PART ONE: Spirit  
3 Awareness and Beyond: Why Moving on Means Letting Go Karen Jironet
13 Connecting Inner Transformation as a Leader to Corporate and Societal Change Subhanu Saxena, Otto Scharmer, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
39 Cultivating Leadership through Deep Presencing and Awareness Based Practices Jonathan Reams, Olen Gunnlaugson, Juliane Reams
59 Ensirited Leadership in Japan Bob Stilger, Yuka Saionji
77 PART TWO: Presence  
79 Sociological Mindfulness and Leadership Education John Eric Baugher
91 The Dance of Joyful Leadership Catherine Etmanski, Mark Fulton, Guy Nasmyth, M. Beth Page
109 Why on Earth Are We Staring at Raisins? Linda Kantor
125 Intergroup Dialogue: Mindfulness and Leadership Development for Social Change Brighid Dwyer, Ralph A. Gigliotti, Hanna H. Lee
147 PART THREE: Authenticity  
149 Appear Authentic! The Rhetorical Oxymoron of Authentic Leadership Lena Lid-Falkman
157 Leadership Values in Africa and Implications for Online Learning Communities Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Hellicy C. Ngambi
179 Reflections and Authentic Leadership Deana M. Raffo
197 Embodying Authentic Leadership: An Actor's Perspective Marco Aponte-Moreno
213 Leaders' Lived Experience of Authentic Moments Susan Skjei
233 Name Index  
239 Subject Index