Leadership for Transformation (BLB 2011)

Editors: JoAnn Danelo Barbour and Gill Robinson Hickman (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2011)

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Table of Contents

xix Introduction JoAnn Danelo Barbour and Gill Robinson Hickman
1 The Practice Before the Practice Mark Nepo
3 Natality as Leadership for Transformation: Orienting the Influence for Change Gilda Warden
15 A Tao Model: Rethinking Modern Leadership for Transformation Caroline Fu and Richard Bergeon
33 Fractal Leadership: Emerging Patterns for Transformation Tim Harle
51 Where No One Stays a Statue Mark Nepo
53 Improvising Transformation: Leadership Lessons from Improvisational Theater James M. Mohr
65 Transforming Leadership through the Power of the Imagination Michael Jones
81 Leadership: A Journey of Transformation Rick Warm
97 Wu Feng Mark Nepo
99 Authentic Accountability: Tapping the Power of the Infinite Game Jay Gordon Cone
107 What Art Offers Leadership: Looking Beneath the Surface Skye Burn
125 Using Critical Pedagogy to Critique Power Issues in Transformational Leadership Laura M. Harrison
141 Teaching Leadership for Socially Just Schools: A Transformational Approach Michael I. Poutiatine and Dennis Arthur Conners
159 The Work of the Worm Mark Nepo
161 Building Bridges to Transform Lives: An Integrative Leadership Response to the "Wicked Problem" of Homelessness John Blenkinsopp
179 Virtual Communication, Transformational Leadership, Personality, and the Apparent Holographic Constructs of Implicit Leadership Charles Salter, Mark Green, Phyllis A. Duncan, Anne Berre, and Charles Torti
197 Transforming Global Leadership: Applying the Lessons Learned from Brazil, India, and Nigeria toward the Development of an Integrated Model of Global Leadership Karen J. Lokkesmoe
215 Exploring Leadership for Transformation Tom Beech, Juana Bordas, Prasad Kaipa, and Eliane Ubalijoro
227 The Friendship of Tung-Shan and Yün-Yen Mark Nepo