Leadership at the Crossroads (BLB 2006)

Editors: Nancy S. Huber and Michael Harvey

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Table of Contents

v. Introduction Nancy S. Huber and Michael Harvey
1 Leadership in Public Health and Safety Crises: Where the Individual and Organization, Theory and Practice Intersect Todd L. Pittinsky, Brian Welle, and H'sien Hayward
14 A Signpost at the Crossroads: Hermeneutics in Leadership Studies Nathan Harter
28 Stories and Reflections on Crossroads Moments: Lithuania's Transition from the Soviet Union to the European Union Bonnie J. Straight
41 Storytelling Leadership: Connecting Our Stories across Differences Karen L. Gilliam
52 The Trickster and the Leader: What Can Tricksters, Jesters, and Contraries Tell Us about Leadership? James M. Tolliver and Daniel F. Coleman
67 Transformational Leadership and Affective Commitment: A Survey of Small to Medium Indian Tech Firms Y Rama Krishna
84 Charismatic, Transformational, and Visionary Dimensions in Sport Leadership: Toward New Paths for the Study of Coach-Athlete Relationships A. Rui Gomes, Sara Almeida E Sousa, and José Fernando Cruz
95 The Realistic Application of Transformational or Authentic Leadership Theories to the Workplace Barbara H. Ascher
106 Leadership and Learning in a Children's Hospital John Brinkman and Christine Gleave
117 Reflections and Team Learning at the Intersection of Business and Education Patricia Ann Marcellino
128 Nonprofit Leadership: At the Crossroads of Competition and Collaboration Janet Rechtman
140 Indigenous Leadership at the Crossroads: The Hui Taumata as a Case Study of Allophilia Dale Pfeifer, Matene Love, and Brad Jackson
155 U.S. Civic Leadership at the Crossroads: Time for a Revolution? Suzanne W. Morse