BLB 2002 CoverBuilding Leadership Bridges 2002, Proceedings from the
ILA 2001 Conference in Miami

Editors: Cynthia Cherrey and Larraine R. Matusak, Editors

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Table of Contents

Restoring Hope to the Future Through Critical Education of Leaders Margaret J. Wheatley
Invisible Leadership: Acting on Behalf of a Common Purpose Georgia Sorenson and Gill Robinson Hickman
Strategic Cross-Cultural Leadership in Transnational Projects Victor Sohmen
Leadership and Ethics: Advancing the Conversation Joe D. Potts
New Leaders for a New Century Sherry H. Penney, Vinai Norasakkunkit, and Jennifer Leigh
Co-Producing Knowledge: Practitioners and Scholars Working Together to Understand Leadership Sonia Ospina, Bethany Godsoe, Ellen Schall, and Jennifer Dodge
Industry and Education-- Partnering to Improve Leadership Effectiveness Bruce Murphy, Mary Breckenridge, Lisa Manendo, and Bruce Swanson
Ethical Leadership and Laws of Power Tony Middlebrooks
The Leader's Journey and the Imaginative Life Michael Jones
Seeming to Be Real: The Leader as Image Nathan Harter
The Leader as Futurist and Visionary: Role of Anticipatory Management in Strategic Leadership Stephen C. Harper
Subversive Models and Abusive Models of Leadership: Peter Sellars' Interpretation of Mozart's 'Marriage of Figaro' Barbara Barry
Energy Optimization and the Role of Leadership Kathleen E. Allen and William P. Mease