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Next Generation Leadership

The International Leadership Association (ILA) with the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria cordially invite all those who practice, develop, and study leadership to a scholar-practitioner conference on the University of Pretoria campus the 30th to 31st of May 2018. International collaborators include The Leadership Collaboratory at the Copenhagen Business School and the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative.

The conference theme, Next Generation Leadership, calls attention to the need for new multi-disciplinary ideas, solutions-oriented approaches, and collaborative practices for leading meaningful change in sustainable, ethical and inclusive ways. The theme highlights the vital importance of engaging youth across Africa and around the world in the development of the leadership capacities they will need to grapple with the array of complex challenges that previous generations have created for them. To this effect, the conference theme specifically links to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its 17 global leadership challenges facing next generation leadership.

Toward these ends, the conference will bring together diverse international and local experts and stakeholders, from government, industry, business, consultancy, and academia to explore how to promote and develop the kinds of next generation leadership that can exert a positive impact in the face of pressing long-term struggles, wicked problems, and protracted leadership challenges confronting business and society. The conference team encourages local and international conference participants alike to leverage best practice, innovative research, and in-depth dialogue on the complexity of specific leadership challenges on the African continent to produce broader insights and solutions relevant to similar challenges and issues in other parts of the globe.

In this spirit, keynote speakers and collaborative workshop sessions at the conference will focus on three key next generation leadership challenges:

Alongside these key leadership challenges, organizers encourage potential conference participants to propose individual and panel presentations or to organize collaborative, problem-solving workshops on the pressing challenges facing particular industries, companies, sectors, or collective leadership efforts. In order to promote the sharing of outside perspectives and new solutions, conference organizers will work with workshop organizers to include relevant international scholars and practitioners as facilitators and commentators.

In addition to collaborative and practice-oriented workshops and sessions, the conference will feature an academic track complete with full papers and a double-blind peer review process to facilitate the participation of scholars from institutions of higher education.

The core mission of the International Leadership Association is to promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practice for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide. Leaders and organizations in South Africa and across Africa can help to achieve and to extend this mission in meaningful new ways. For this reason, conference organizers seek to forge connections and promote exchanges among leaders and managers from the public, private, arts, religious, and civil society sectors; professionals and consultants in the field of leadership and organizational development; social entrepreneurs and social movement organizers; youth leaders and student activists; and scholars and students of leadership and organizations. We invite conference participation from these and other leadership contexts, and we look forward to working with a wide range of old and new friends and colleagues from Africa and around the world to explore and develop Next Generation Leadership.

Please note: The official language of the Next Generation Leadership conference is English. Translation services will not be provided.

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If accepted, the next step will be to confirm your conference participation by the 10th of January 2018 by registering for the conference. If you have not registered for the conference by the 10th of January, your presentation will be subject to removal from the schedule and the presentation slot offered to someone committed to attending.

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