LEA LogoBe a Facilitator for the 2019 Leadership Education Academy!

The International Leadership Association is seeking six leadership educators to serve in the role of Leadership Education Academy (LEA) Facilitator.

What is the Leadership Education Academy?

The purpose of the Leadership Education Academy (LEA) is to serve as a structured, intentional, and curricular-based professional development experience designed to advance one's ability to serve as a leadership educator. Through a cohort-based experience, LEA participants will enhance their knowledge of leadership foundations and theories while exploring and practicing a variety of instructional strategies and pedagogies for use in curricular and co-curricular leadership education. In addition, the nature of the program fosters collaboration and networking in a supportive environment in which participants and facilitators share best practices.

Who Attends the Leadership Education Academy?

The target audience of LEA is current or aspiring instructional and programmatic leadership educators. This may include Student Affairs professionals, graduate students, leadership educators within organizations, and faculty from a variety of disciplines who do or will teach leadership in a credit-based course, co-curricular offering, or training environment and are newer to the field of leadership education. Additionally, seasoned faculty and professionals who would like to expand their content knowledge and/or pedagogical toolbox in leadership education may be interested in participating.

What Would I Do as a Facilitator?

The 2019 Leadership Education Academy is a three and a half day program scheduled for the first week of August, 2019. Exact dates and the location are being finalized. Facilitators will meet monthly beginning in July 2018 to shape the curriculum and resources of the program. At LEA, facilitators will engage in both large and small group facilitation as well as coaching of leadership educators. Topics covered during LEA include leadership concepts and theories, instructional design, learning outcomes, and assessment.

How Do I Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about being an LEA Facilitator and the application process, please go to our LEA Overview page. Applications are due by 5pm EST on June 1, 2018. Click here to apply.