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Authentic Leadership for Progress, Peace & Prosperity

Deadline: 1 February 2018

The 2018 ILA global conference theme invites examinations of Authentic Leadership through the lens of “leadership for what?” It is intended to foster a timely and important exploration in this era of fake news by considering how authentic leaders can engage with their followers and stakeholders to create a future that embraces progress, fosters peace, and creates prosperity for the greater good of the global community.

We are especially keen for interconnective, cross-sector submissions that navigate the nexus of leadership theory and practice, combining perspectives in creative and imaginative ways to illuminate meaningful, gritty, and compelling possibilities. Alternative and emergent voices and new research sharing fresh streams of possibilities are especially welcome. These perspectives have the potential to be the wellspring of new and alternative thought to ripple and disturb our current assumptions about leading in authentic ways in a world that can sometimes feel quite inauthentic.

Reflecting the ILA’s diverse community, the conference program will be organized around six tracks (Business Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Education, Leadership Scholarship, Public Leadership, and Youth Leadership). Each track invites submissions either on the theme or on other ground-breaking work in the field of leadership. Please join with others and send your submission for a panel, workshop, symposium, paper, presentation, roundtable discussion, or poster by February 1.

A peninsula jutting into the ocean, Florida provides an interesting backdrop to explore the intersecting trajectories of authenticity, progress, peace, and prosperity. Juxtaposed alongside natural wonders that include extensive coral reefs, the world's deepest freshwater spring, and the Everglades are icons of progress such as Walt Disney’s Epcot Center and Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Center. As we consider leadership challenges around the world, these juxtapositions starkly highlight the UN Sustainable Development Goals that aim to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity and peace for all. How can we best play our parts?

Like the centuries old science of wayfinding, authentic leadership requires that leaders become explorers of their world, noticing and shining light upon that which is not seen, to go beyond the known and journey on voyages of discovery to new horizons. This is rarely a linear path and unexpected variables come from all angles, challenging leaders to find the best route to the goal while maintaining the support of their followers, stakeholders, or constituents. Join coaches, consultants, educators, executives, researchers, scholars and others immersed in revealing a way of leadership and being in the world that is considered ‘authentic’. To each of you we ask: What is the latest practice in your space? Where do you see this field heading?

Rather than just talk about Authentic Leadership, our gathering as a community is also a timely opportunity to pause and engage with questions of our own motivations and contributions as leaders in our fields. What are our values? What do we stand for? What is the difference that we are trying to make? How can we maximize our individual and collective impact in service of the greater good? We encourage submissions that explore how authentic leadership can help deepen discernment about what is really going on, enabling leaders to be more responsive to subtle shifts and nuances and developing integrative thinking and perceptiveness–the ability to see connections, make sense of complexity, and create solutions that foster progress, peace, and prosperity.

As we stand on our multi-cultural, multi-situational, multi-disciplinary, and contextual islands it may seem we are worlds apart with oceans of difference between us, especially in the exploration of leading authentically. While our islands may be said to offer a stable grounding, the ocean is a field that connects us. It is the spaces in between that offer enormous potential for discovery. Towards that end, we encourage integrative sessions that enable the tyranny of ‘or’ to be replaced with the wisdom of ‘and’. Explore the dialectics, concordances, and paradoxes of this year’s theme or your area of passion. Team up with someone who you believe yourself to be at odds with and together curate the space for important dialogue and discussion. Avoid getting trapped on islands that separate and instead use ILA 2018 to dwell in the spaces in between the perplexities and complexities of authentic leadership.

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Audy JohnstonAudy Johnston, 2018 ILA Global Conference Program Co-Chair, Assistant Professor, MacArthur School of Leadership, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Chellie SpillerChellie Spiller, 2018 ILA Global Conference Program Co-Chair; Associate Professor, University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand; Co-Editor, Authentic Leadership: Concepts, Coalescences and Clashes