Leadership During Wild Times: Exploring Nature, Wicked Challenges, and Wildness Within Medicine Wheel

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When: Thursday, October 12| 10:45 - 17:45 | FULL DAY
Where: Studio 316 - SQUARE, then off to Brussels Park
Ticket Price: ILA members - $65 | non-members - $87
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Walking PathDuring turbulent times, how do we bring the mystery and wisdom of nature to bear on our practice of leadership within the confines of our urban and global world? This one-day workshop invites you to step into the uncertainty and mystery of the natural world, connect with your unique leadership gifts, and explore the most pressing challenges and questions facing you today. Through intentional engagement with the natural world and the wisdom of the four directions, you will have the opportunity to set an intention, embark on a short solo vision quest, and access the wisdom that arises from the interplay of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Understanding that nature is around and within us, we will join together as we walk to a nearby park near the SQUARE Meeting Centre, and then have time for solitude. Through time alone in nature and the sharing of stories that inform and empower, you will expand your sense of what it means to be a grounded, authentic, and effective leader during these uncertain and turbulent times.

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  Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in exploring the power of nature-based leadership practice or feeling a longing to reconnect with self, nature, and community.

What Will Attendees Gain?

Attendees will:

  • Understand and discuss the importance and power of connecting to nature while in an urban environment.
  • Set an intention and experience a solo nature walk in solitude, and then have an opportunity to reflect upon its meaning and discuss within a community.
  • Gain a better understanding of the connection between nature, complexity, wisdom, and leadership.
  • Explore how to be alone in community and in inquiry with nature.

Track: Leadership Development

Workshop Leaders & Presenters

Cheryl Getz Cheryl Heykoop Doug Paxton
Cheryl Getz
University of San Diego
Cheryl Heykoop
Royal Roads University
Doug Paxton
St. Mary's College of California


Doug Paxton is a learner, educator, writer, and artist who is passionate about what humanity has to learn from reconnecting to our values and the natural world. His doctoral work explored how white people can work for social and racial justice. Doug was recently a vision quest guide for Rites of Passage, a non-profit organization which does human development work in the natural world. He teaches in the area of Values and Sustainable Organizational Change in the MA in Leadership Program at Saint Mary's College of California.



Cheryl Getz is an Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego in California, USA. She teaches and facilitates groups using mindfulness practices, guided imagery, and team building to work with the energy within and throughout. She also uses action inquiry with her students and others as a way of encouraging them to integrate awareness and ongoing action and introspection in their personal and professional lives. Her most recent vision quest was three years ago in Moab desert, where the power of the natural world had a lasting impact.



Cheryl Heykoop lives, works, and plays on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. For over a decade she has worked with young people affected by war, disaster, and adversity to meaningfully share their stories. In 2014, Cheryl was diagnosed with cancer and her life radically shifted. Nature became integral to her healing. Cheryl is currently an Assistant Professor with the School of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University, where she is deeply committed to supporting a deeper connection with the wildness around and within.