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Latin Leadership Global Scholars Dinner Chez Leon Restaurant

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When: Friday, October 13| 19:30 - 21:30
Where: Chez Leon
Ticket Price: ILA members - $40 | non-members - $53
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¡Bienvenidos a la Conversacion!

Esta cena cultural está organizada para el segundo día de la conferencia como una celebración de la cultura, el idioma, y las tradiciones compartidas entre miembros que se identifican con una etnia hispano parlante y/o apoyan el liderazgo latino en América del Norte, América Central, América del Sur , el Caribe, y España.

Este evento está organizado con el propósito de dar la bienvenida a académicos y profesionales interesados ​​en aprender más sobre la misión y la visión del Grupo de Liderazgo Latino Alrededor del Mundo. Nuestro objetivo es crear un espacio de acogida para que los miembros puedan participar en el establecimiento de nuevos contactos, compartimiento de recursos, y en el reconocimiento de modelos ejemplares de investigación y practica que culturalmente son apropiados ​​en el tema del liderazgo latino alrededor del mundo.

Los convocadores dan la bienvenida a académicos y profesionales que han realizado investigaciones relacionadas con el liderazgo latino o que están interesados ​​en discutir las posibilidades de una colaboración futura en torno a este tema.

Descripción del lugar:
Un paseo corto por las calles de Bruselas y llegaremos a Chez Leon (, un sitio histórico inaugurado originalmente en 1867, y en 1893 se trasladaron al edificio donde están ahora. Más de ciento veinte años después y ocupan varios edificios en el bloque, ofreciendo catorce recetas diferentes para los mejillones y 120 platos tradicionales belgas, y todavía dirigido por la misma familia! El menú para la noche será una opción entre sopa de langosta o mejillones, y para el plato principal, mejillones en vino blanco y patatas fritas o filete asado con patatas fritas y mantequilla, para el postre una selección de mousse de chocolate o pudín de caramelo, y además incluye una opción de un vaso de refresco, vino o cerveza.

Welcome to the Conversation!

This cultural gathering is hosted on the second day of the conference as a celebration of shared culture, language, and traditions among members who identify with a Spanish speaking ethnicity and/or support Latin leadership throughout North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain.

This event is organized for the purpose of welcoming scholars and practitioners interested in learning more about the mission and vision for the Latin Leadership Global Scholars. Our goal is to create a welcoming space for members to engage in networking opportunities, the sharing of resources, and recognizing exemplary research and culturally responsive models for those attendees interested in the topic of Latin leadership around the world.

The conveners welcome scholars and practitioners who have conducted research related to Latin leadership or who are interested in discussing possibilities for future collaboration around this topic.

A short stroll through the streets of Brussels and you will arrive at Chez Leon (, an historic landmark in Brussels, originally opened in 1867, in 1893 they moved to the building they are in now! Over one hundred and twenty years later they take up several buildings in the block, offering fourteen different recipes for mussels and 120 traditional Belgian dishes, and still run by the same family! Your menu for the evening will be a choice between lobster bisque or mussel soup, for the main course, mussels in white wine and chips or grilled steak with chips and butter or Waterzooi with Chicken Ghent style and boiled potatoes, for dessert a choice of chocolate mousse or caramel pudding and you will receive a choice of a glass of soft drink, wine, or beer.


Amanuel Melles is the President of InterChange, the International Peacebuilding Institute and serves as the co-convener of the International Leadership Association's Peace Leadership Affinity Group. He co-founded the Toronto Peacebuilding Network, the Selam Peacebuilding Network, and Canadians for Peace and Development in Eritrea. Aman led the design and implementation of the Building Bridges Horn of Africa Communities Peacebuilding Program in Toronto. He is the Principal of Aman Consulting. A multi-lingual social entrepreneur, Aman has over 22 years of management and senior management experience in various sub-sectors: settlement and immigration, community health, social services, nonprofit sector capacity and grantmaking. His expertise and experience spans non-profit organizational resilience, systems change, community-based peacebuilding, diversity and inclusion planning, evaluation capacity building, leadership development, and advocacy in mental health, refugees, and prevention of violence against women. Aman is a former marine ecologist with research and teaching experience in several African, Gulf Arab and European countries.



Whitney McIntyre Miller is an Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies at Chapman University. Whitney received her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego, and centers her research around peace leadership and issues of community development and leadership, with a particular focus on postconflict societies. Whitney has researched and worked in Sierra Leone and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and has also lived in Russia. She has traveled to over 40 countries for work, study, and leisure. She has also worked in the areas of international development, refugee return and resettlement, nonviolence, elections monitoring, and community development. Whitney has served for the past several years as the co-convener of the International Leadership Association's Peace Leadership Affinity Group.



Paul Kosempel is currently Teaching Associate Professor in leadership studies at the University of Denver (DU) as well as Interim Director of the Pioneer Leadership Program. Paul joined the faculty in 2007, and soon after received his PhD in interpersonal communication from DU. His professional experience includes over twenty years in higher education in various capacities including career development, leadership development, and operations management. He is co-convener of ILA's Sustainability Leadership Learning Community. His research interests include leadership and sustainability, assessment of leadership learning outcomes, and mentoring and leadership. He is also part-owner of the Green Bay Packers Football Team.



Charles David Tauber, M.D. is a founder of the Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and Peace and has been its Head of Mission for Southeast Europe since 1995. He developed Pragmatic Empowerment Training (PET), a participatory course in communication, psychology, civil society, non-violent conflict transformation, and human rights for people without previous education in these fields. He has given therapy and supervision to victims of war. Previously, Tauber worked with various groups in The Netherlands, assisting asylum seekers and refugees and lay volunteers. He grew up in the USA, where he worked with environmental and peace groups starting in 1966.



Sandra Marić, grew up and studied in Zagreb, Croatia. Before joining to the Coalition for Work with Psychodrama and Peace as Deputy Head of Mission for Southeast Europe in 2006, she worked extensively with children and young people in eastern Croatia. Sandra holds a Masters in Sociology from the University of Zagreb. Her role with the Coalition includes therapy, research, writing, and a wide variety of other Coalition tasks.