Improving Leadership Decision-Making
in a VUCA World

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When: Thursday, October 12| 09:00 - 17:00 | FULL DAY
Where: Studio 313 - SQUARE
Ticket Price: ILA members - $110 | non-members - $147
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Are you, your clients, or your students faced with making ever more complex, high stakes decisions? How beneficial would it be to improve this skill? In this workshop, you will learn how to improve your leadership capacity by increasing your skills in decision-making and related areas. To do this, you will learn about the key subskills enabling great decision-making and apply them to a challenging decision you face. This process includes learning how hidden patterns of cognitive structures govern the operationalization of concepts, processes, and skills.

Activities in this workshop will include learning about how our conceptions of good leadership relate to a developmental sequence. As well, you will discover core components of good decision-making processes. Working with trained coaches in the workshop, you will develop skills such as perspective taking and seeking along with contextual thinking and communication. You will also map out stakeholder involvement related to a challenging decision and design actions to take for implementing and learning from this decision. Pre-work will be sent out to registered participants in advance and will include the option to take a free online assessment of reflective judgment skills that can be used to support customizing learning activities used in the workshop.

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  Who Should Attend?

Leaders, consultants, coaches, and educators interested in better understanding and improving decision-making skills.

What Will Attendees Gain?

  • An understanding of how to improve decision making skills
  • An application of this understanding to a specific decision you face
  • A specific learning activity to practice improving your decision-making skills.

Track: Leadership Development

Workshop Leaders & Presenters

Jonathan Reams Juliane Reams
Jonathan Reams
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Juliane Reams
Conscious Leadership Development


Jonathan Reams practices the cultivation of leadership through awareness based consulting, coaching and leadership development program design and delivery in a variety of settings. He has a position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), serves as Editor-in Chief of Integral Review, and is a co-founder of the European Center for Leadership Practice and the Center for Transformative Leadership. He brings awareness based leadership development practices to his work, focusing on how the inner workings of human nature can develop leadership capacities for today's complex challenges.



Juliane Reams is passionate about building the foundations for more robust learning. Her research has focused on applying this to the field of leadership and cognitive development. This has included international conference presentations and journal articles on the integration and use of The Leadership Circle with the Immunity to Change process. Juliane is a partner in the European Center for Leadership Practice and the Center for Transformative Leadership, where she applies this knowledge to debriefing and coaching with developmental assessments.